Global knowledge, Local focus

Founded and continuously led by inventor and entrepreneur Tony Aquila, Solera is a global leader in digital technologies that manage and protect life's most important assets: our cars, homes and identities.

Solera Guiding Principles

Every employee at Audatex India follows a set of organisational principles that encourage and foster an environment of innovation, high performance and outstanding results. Each day, these principles guide how we operate organisationally and individually. We aspire to:



Think 80/20 is based on the principle that 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the cause. This principle encourages associates to prioritize and focus on what drives toward the mission.



This principle emphasizes reducing waste and wasteful processes by 30 percent while improving output by the same amount without any additional cost. This drives Solera’s focus on reducing waste over cost and encourages associates to constantly think of ways to improve processes and increase efficiency.



This refers to Solera’s “got your back” commitment that each associate makes to take 90 percent ownership over the team’s project and leave only 10 percent to the team. This creates a global team environment that encourages collaboration and accountability.